Senior Linux administrator


  • 5+ experience in deployment/administration of local area networks, dedicated servers, web hosting.
  • Advanced knowledge of video streaming and VoIP.
  • Long-term experience in configuration of network equipment, operating systems and servers.
  • Basic programming skills.

Personal Info:

Oleksandr Gubernatorov

Date of Birth:




  • English
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian

Professional profile:

Operating systems:

  • Linux (Ubuntu, Centos, Red Hat, Debian, ALTLinux, Fedora, OpenSuse)
  • Windows (98, XP, Server (2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012), Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 )
  • Cisco IOS, Juniper Junos, D-Link xStack SW

Network and Web Services:

  • TFTP, FTP, NFS, GlusterFS, SAMBA, ramfs, tmpfs
  • CDN (video streaming)
  • Nginx, Apache, IIS, Pound, Varnish
  • POP3, IMAP , SMTP, Postfix, Sendmail, mail

Remote access technology:

  • HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO100, iLO2, iLO4)
  • Supermicro IPMI
  • Dell (IDRAC)
  • IBA (IMM)
  • IP-KVM
  • PXE
  • PDU (APC)


  • MySQL
  • CouchDB
  • mongoDB


  • Asterisk (SIP, IVR, WebVoicemail, CDR, AGI, Videoconferencing )
  • AsteriskNOW
  • FreePBX (SIP, IVR, WebVoicemail, CDR, AGI, Videoconferencing )
  • TrixBOX
  • FreeSwitch

Video streaming:

  • Wowza video server 3,4 (VOD, live and linear streaming, caching modules, nDVR, encoders, video transcoding, stream recording, stream optimization, multicasting)
  • Streaming protocols: HLS, HDS, SMOOTH, MPEG-DASH, MPEG-TS, RTMP, RTSP, mobile
  • Encoders: FMLE, FFMPEG, ATX VersAtive, Cisco (inlet spinnaker 5000)
  • Video transcoding (ffmpeg): Mpeg-4 and QuickTime Formats (MP4, MOV, QT, and M4V), Flash Video (FLV and F4V), Microsoft Windows Formats (AVI, ASF, WMV and WMA), MPEG-1/2 (MPG, M1V, M2V, MP3), WAV, Matroska (MKV), OGG OGM & OGV, WEBM, 3GP, RM, Webex (ARF)

Basic programming skills:

  • C, C++, C#, Java
  • Python, Bash

Content management systems:

  • WordPress

Version control systems:

  • Git
  • Subversion

Virtualization technology:

  • ProxMox (KVM, OpenVZ)
  • XEN
  • VirtualBox
  • VMWare Workstation
  • HyperV

Monitoring systems:

  • Opsview
  • Zabbix
  • Nagios
  • OpenNMS
  • SNMP
  • Cacti
  • S.M.A.R.T (smartd)
  • RAID controllers monitoring: LSI 2108 megaraid, LSI fusion-MPT, Adaptec AAC, HP/Compaq

Web hosting control panels:

  • WHM/cPanel

Security technologies:

  • LUKS (dm-crypt), truecrypt
  • IPtables
  • OpenVPN
  • IPsec
  • Embedded Linux kernel security (Grsecurity)
  • Fail2ban
  • Vulnerability scanners (Acunetix, nmap)

Software/VM configuration management:

  • Ansible
  • Vagrant

Customer Relationship Management system:

  • Cerberus Helpdesk
  • Chili Project
  • Redmine

Security Kernel and Network development:

  • Compilation and installation Linux-kernels (rpm, deb)
  • Compilation and installation secure Linux-kernels (Grsecurity)
  • Trivial modules writing (Linux drivers)
  • Full linux encryption
  • RAID-configuration


2015 – Present. “Vimmi”

Chief of IT department, Senior Linux administrator. System, network and security administrator.

2013 – 2014 IT Step Academy.

Linux/Network/Windows administration instructor.

2012 – 2015 “Sprava”

Linux, network, system and security administrator, IT support (systems with high loading, deployment client-server applications, system integration, Windows/Linux servers, 24×7 support of real-time production systems, security audit). Amazon instance full encryption.
Vulnerabilities scan/audit/protection.

2012 – 2012 Web hosting company.

Linux system administrator. Linux/Windows servers administration, VPS, VDS, DS servers administration, Internet providing, WHM/cPanel hosting

2011 – 2012 Web store.

Linux system administrator, VoIP engineer (System administration of Linux servers. Configuration and setting up PBX Asterisk based on SIP protocol, local network administration, Web hosting administration)

Academic Background:

2012 – “Infopulse”.

Linux Kernel and Network development training (certificated)

2010 – Vinnitsa National Technical University.

CCNA courses (certificated)

2006 – 2011 Vinnitsa National Technical University

Specialization: Information protection in computer systems and networks
Faculty: Computer systems and networks
Qualification: Master of information protection in computer systems and networks